Skylane TT. Information supplied from Cessna Model TT Pilot Operating Handbook. Takeoff Distance. ISA, Flaps 20 Degrees, No Wind, Paved Level. Cessna’s new turbocharged TT From a few tiedowns away, the new turbocharged Cessna TT doesn’t look much different from the S. Aircraft Overview. This CT is one of our new generation Cessna’s. It is ideal for advanced flight training (CPL) and CSU endorsements for.

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Flying High After we got back from lunch and an impromptu self-guided tour of downtown Marfa in our ’80s-vintage Pontiac, we had the Skylane topped off, though we didn’t actually need to.

The new generation of Skylanes also features the Garmin G glass cockpit.

The built-in oxygen system in the Turbo Skylane, like just about everything else on the airplane, is very nicely done. It does not indicate whether these numbers include the retractable-gear s, which are no longer in production and therefore are not discussed on their webpage.

cfssna Automotive-style airbags were out of the question because of weight, airframe, and certification considerations, so Cessna contracted with AmSafe to create a simpler, but similarly effective, method of restraint. And with today’syou get all of that along with the quality of life and safety improvements that modern engineering and technology have brought along for the ride.

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Cessna T Skylane – Lanier Flight Center

But under conditions where the chips were down and you needed all the help you could get to keep from flying into that ridgeline, SVT is the best avoidance technology that I’ve seen. And the widespread low was in no hurry to go anywhere. We could have also fueled to the tabs — cessn gallons — and taken four and bags and still had better than four hours of endurance.

They include several small aerodynamic improvements — more streamlined VOR antennas, slicker wheelpants, a smaller beacon — that Cessna added in order to boost the cruise speed of the airplane by five knots or so, which does in fact seem to be the case. A current and valid Cessna Pilot Operating Handbook issued to your aircraft and approved by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority must be on board your aircraft. As we got within a hundred miles of Marfa, the desert terrain had already begun to rise beneath us, and to the south we could see near,foot peaks in the distance in Mexico.

They added state of the art avionics. Perhaps the most innovative safety improvement is the AmSafe Aviation Inflatable Restraint inevitably A-I-Ra system of seatbelt-mounted airbags designed to inflate within milliseconds of detecting a 16 G impact.

By any measure, Skylanes are almost universally regarded as wonderful machines, cesna with docile handling, reasonable performance, good turbbo, and in some cases full fuel, four-place capability. Take 12t flight as a case in point. What you see on the screen is what you would see out the windscreen. Retrieved 3 June Aeronautical Publications Updates Article. For those pilots with long-range bladders who can endure eight-hour legs, dramatically reduced power settings can extend range to nearly nm.

While there is a lot of capability built into the system, you don’t need to know every little feature in order to be able to use it. It’s an airplane that many thousands of pilots have fallen in love with, and it’s easy to see why. Bastien also owns Universal Flooring Systems, a commercial flooring company with contracts up and down the West Coast and as far east as Phoenix.

If you fly regularly with a skittish non-pilot, these can be a valuable option. If any author or owner of the content herein objects to free distribution of tubro material for safety enhancement purposes, please contact Red Sky Ventures for removal of said document. Retrieved 24 July Discontinued with all other Cessna piston singles inthe revived Skylane has evolved into a handsome package that continues to endear itself and give the competition a run for the money, specifically BECAUSE the basic design remains true to the original.

The entire system is housed in a panel overhead. Current and valid Cessna Maintenance Manuals must be purchased from an approved supplier, as information in maintenance manuals is subject to change.

But even though 182f goes by the same name, today’s Skylane is far removed from those straight-tailed, bare metal machines of yore. Both turbocharged and naturally aspirated models experienced similar drops in retail and wholesale prices. Experience says that when a factory-turbocharged version of a popular airplane gets introduced it nearly always outsells the nonturbocharged version. They made the seats safer, stronger, more durable and a lot more comfortable.

If all you’ve flown are old-production Skylanes — the last of the former airplanes were delivered in — turho let me say that the new generation Skylane is a better airplane in just about every regard, the exception being weight — new production s are a little heavier than old models.

R182 RG Turbo Skylane

Overall, SVT is very nicely implemented, the symbology is big and easy to interpret, and the colors are bright and vibrant. In terms of the Skylane, the drop in value for the airplane has been dramatic, both in the short- and in the long-term. There’s something that most owners looking to sell their high-performance singles haven’t quite figured out yet: Pelton Victor Roos Dwane Wallace. Archived from the original on 2 June Cessna gave the R the marketing name of “Skylane RG”.