Get amazing big-screen entertainment with the Epson EH-TW This affordable, widescreen 3D projector makes it easier than ever to enjoy spectacular. Epson EH-TW Great 2D picture quality for a p projector, but its 3D support just isn’t good enough at this price. You can get an easy access to sound or visual data stored in any USB device or output by connecting it to Epson EH-TW protector. So, what are you waiting.

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All other product names and other company names used herein are t5w50 identification purposes only and may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The EH-TW has all the connections required for the most popular game consoles as well as a gaming specific Colour Mode.

With any system, product or device used in situations where human life may be involved or at risk, Epson advises that you should take all necessary steps to ensure the suitability of your Epson product for inclusion in your system, and recommends that you include fail-safe procedures and redundancy support or backup equipment in your system, to maintain the maximum safety margin and optimum system reliability.

Usage Conditions Epson products are designed and made to give highly reliable use and long life when used according to its specifications. These industry standard glasses mean you can keep them for future upgrades, and also use them with other home projector and TV manufacturers. Wide 33″ to ” [1. Colour brightness colour light output measured in accordance with IDMS Watch the big game live, as it happens, or your favourite movie in 3D, all without having to worry about ambient light levels.

Epson EH-TW550

There are many that would argue, both, for and against replacing their television sets with a projector. Epson is the registered trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. We use cookies on our website. Equipment supplied by Epson Australia is designed to function in conjunction with genuine Epson consumables and accessories specifically configured for it.

You are providing your consent to Epson Australia Pty Ltd.

At this distance, watching movies and standard TV posed no concerns at all. Combining rich, sharp images with 3D full capabilities, the EH-TW is an ideal projector for gamers, film enthusiasts and sports fans who want more from their home entertainment equipment. Epson disclaims any and all rights in those marks.

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If you would like to register tw5550 an Epson partner, please click here. The excitement of the latest console and PC games on a big screen in your own home is hard to match!

There are a few defaults colour modes to choose from, which include movies, 3D viewing, living room, and even for gaming. Plus when operating in game mode, response speed is greatly increased so there is virtually no lag time, making your gaming experience more realistic.

Register The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields. Designed with Gamers in Mind The excitement of the latest epsn and PC games on a big screen in your own home is hard to match!

Epson EH-TW – Epson

Thank you for signing up! Tele Keystone Correction Vertical: The TW weighs in at just 2. Oops, it looks like the system is down. Thus, the true resolution test required a PC connection with p output.

One brightness measurement lumens is not enough. You may withdraw your consent or view our privacy policy at any time. Setup on this occasion easily took up to 20 minutes to get the positioning, keystone, size, and height just perfect.

HDMI input for high-quality, high-definition video — Deliver both audio and brilliant HD video content with just one cable. Another negative aspect is the readjustment sound, which makes a slight rattling sound whenever there are great differences in scene contrast. Register now We respect your privacy. There are many points to argue over when the ideal spson to switch to projectors over that of the conventional TV.

Please try again later. Lamp on W Power Consumption: Support all 3D contents format Perfect picture: The TW has a