Here you’ll find the fitting gear unit solution for any requirement. We offer you helical and planetary gear units from the standard modular system or as finished . Our modular construction system comprises all parts of the gear unit periphery from motor bell housings and torque reaction arms over swing-bases and. Catalog MD • FLENDER SIG series of industrial gear units the main focus of the gear unit can be optimally adapted to customer requirements.

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In the end, the best achievement in gearunit engineering is demonstrated inextreme power density, which cannot beattained We have been supplying the shipping industry withdrive technology for many years.

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Asidefrom a compact standard Strong and reliableTorsionally rigid gear couplings — the ZAPEX seriesRobust couplings made of high-quality quenched andtempered steel with good power-weight ratio are idealfor the severest operating conditions. Perfectly matching componentsSeamlessintegrationintoautomationCoveringevery step ofthe lifecycle4. Replacing them costs moneyevery As system operator,you face the major challenge Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Integration at its best” P.

Backlash-free applications —easily solved solutionsNew in the product range: Nicht weil sie die Erstenwaren, sondern weil sie besonders sind in dem, wassie sind und was sie leisten. Millions in use, oneconclusion: Flender combined standard technology with individual elements.

Gear unitsTotally Integrated AutomationThe Siemens portfolio of gear unitsincludes helical, bevel-helical, bevel andplanetary gear units as a standardizedmodular system or as highly specializedand customized gear unit solutions. Premium qualityHow significant are system component reliability anddurability to you in an industrial environment One of their diverse range of fields is hoisting machinery. The completeproduction processby a single makerA special feature within the closedmanufacturing process is our ownhardening shop.

Which is why gear units and couplings First-classcomponents andsystems from asingle providerTube mills and rotary kilns are particularly demanding applications that callfor maximum performance and reliability from drive systems.

The drive technology in useruns non-stop over more than daysa year, it also withstands the toughestenvironmental conditions Made for high capacity in thesmallest space: The different designs of Welcome to Automation and Drives Welcome to the world of the totally integrated mechanical and electrical drive systems and components! Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “On the way to trouble-free mining operations” P.

FLENDER gear unitsensure a powerful driveSiemens offers the palm oil industryinterdisciplinary gear unit competenceby gwarbox single provider. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Drive technology for the cement industry” P. The only company in the worldto do so, Siemens offers customers for all processes efficientproducts and solutions of its ownmanufacture, based on decadesof practical experience and extensive engineering gexrbox.

As an option, the drive traincan be expanded: Performance and sustainability optimally combinedStandard gear unit solutions for all palm oil applicationssiemens.

These drives advance availability. Click here for further information. With the customer for the customerSingle-motor shipsKnow-how at process, product and system level is themost important factor in our Allof the essential auxiliary What do you need in addition torequired capacity? Siemens supplies complete drivesolutions for different concepts andall vehicle types.

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Optimum gear units forthe palm oil industryFLENDER gear unit solutions make it easy to plan plants — withdiversity, quality and availability. The design of therequired bevel gears is a major part of a process begunby our customers and brought to perfection at our company Higher reliability forlarge vertical millsThe new drive concept for maximum plantavailability and optimal grinding processes.

Or one can really let it rock with modern and futureoriented drive technology: Total cafalog bevel gear sets — expertise and qualityproduction in the customer’s interestsiemens. With an energy density timesthat of wind, water offers a highly efficient and reliable source of Maximum costefficiency, highestprecision andabsolute reliabilityThe optimum solution for each andevery crane: