TROUBLE IN HIS EYES AND IN HIS WICKED GRIN. He was a handsome hell- raiser, a reckless crusader in low-slung jeans – and he was. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bestselling author Janet Evanovich is the winner of the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award and multiple. Naughty Neighbor [Janet Evanovich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dear Reader: In a previous life, before the time of Plum, I wrote.

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Book review: Janet Evanovich’s *Naughty Neighbor*

This story was ok but rather ridiculous at the same time. Louisa Brannigan is a no-nonsense, hardworking press secretary, fighting her way to the top of Capitol Hill, evajovich no help from her annoying neighbor, Pete Streeter. If you like having to think a little bit harder, look elsewhere. I am gonna make this short since it was on audio and let’s face it, I suck a audio.

She’s uptight; he’s laissez-faire. Return to Book Page. Evanovich started and her talent even then. Right down my alley. In addition to the romance plot line there was also a mystery plot line that seemed implausible and I had trouble following.

She had an overly theatrical voice that heightened the cheesiness level that much more. I’ve looked at these “before the time of Plum” novels in bookstores, but didn’t want to buy them because they look like “fluff” to me. Oct 06, MsAprilVincent rated it it was ok Shelves: I almost forgot to mention the great use of animals. I can do cheese I love Twilight for God’s sake! Both of them weren’t perfect, but they were perfect together!

Jun 24, Cyndi Tefft rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have no idea what the “pig” story was all about, I got fed up with all the “inner thoughts” by both, Louisa and Pete half way through the book – it felt repetitious, AND it wasn’t really near as funny as most of the other Evanovich stories.

Louisa BranniganPete Streeter.

This proves that one of your first books can be total crap and you can go on to be a very successful writer. There is nothing serious about this read.

Try that in real life and see how it works out for you, ladies. I had 7 letters to fill for my A to Z Challenge and stumbled upon this for N. Cute book with decent plot, humor, action and sex but it was short and sometimes disjoint making it seem almost like a condensed version. But then we get to the real problem, it was audio, perhaps I could have liked them in a book, perhaps then I could have laughed cos I read people laugh cos of this book.

OK for an amateur, but not enighbor you’d expect to be published anywhere. Louisa and Pete are believable and fun ecanovich read about. The writing is choppy at best. Hot, rich, womanizing emotionally unavailable guy falls in jnet with regular hot mess girl.

This was my first-ever Janet Evanovich book and I absolutely loved it!

Having the hero fall hard first makes for a nice change, and Pete really puts his heart out there early. I found the story was funny, entertaining, fast-paced, and so sweet. While the characters in this book–the Naughty Neighbors in the title–are no Stephanie and Morelli or Ranger, if you preferthere is trace evidence here. From this moment, things will only go downhill. One three different pages, I found errors.

Reading this should give any starting author hope. Red-hot screwball comedies, each and every one of them. I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator was not good. View all 4 comments. And finally, there was a missing apostrophe. It starts with Pete and his neighbor Louisa.

Naughty Neighbor

Write your own comment on this book! In a previous life, before the time of Plum, I wrote twelve short romance novels.

This book mainly focused on the hero and heroine who were so adorable. Definitely rang true in this book as well. It took so long and I must have rolled my eyes a hundred times over. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Evanovixh than a harlequin romance, but not much probably only because I like the humor.

Still, I like her later books better.