Jawshan Kabeer (Arabic: جوشن الكبیر) is a long Islamic prayer that contains names and attributes of God. Jawshan means “steel plate” or “mail” and thus. 3 Jun It has been mentioned in the book, Balad al-Amin and the Misbah of Kafa`mi that Imam `Ali ibn al-Husain Sayyid as-Sajjidin (prayers be upon. Shia Dua. 1 Tracks. 55 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Dua Joshan Kabir on your desktop or mobile device.

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O He, Who has made hell an ambush, barking for sinners. O He Joshan kabir gives protection and is in no need of protection. O Merciful to the indigent. O He Who restores the sick to health. Joshan kabir Most Ancient of all the ancient. O He, Who is Powerful over everything. O Kabi, the path leading to Whom is clear for the repentant. O He Whose chastisement is justice.

O He-the confounded seek shelter in Him. O He, Whose blessings extend to all.

Jawshan Kabir – Wikipedia

moshan O Kind, O Agreeable. O He, to Whom is all might and perfection. O He, Who is near us in spite of His exaltation. O Joshan kabir Who is Subtle in his Wisdom.

O He-the desirous have affliction for Him. O Best of those who are remembered.

O Noblest of all the nobles. O He Who loves the patient.

Shia prayers Salah terminology. O Friend of the forsaken. O Best of those joshqn are entreated. O Master of the faithful.

O Bestower of being, O Bestower of knowledge. O He before Whose command the heavens are raised. O He-trust is joshan kabir reposed in anyone but He. O Judge, O Agreeable. O Expeller of sorrow. O Allah of the first and the last generation. O Everliving, Who has no joshan kabir partner.

O Most Wise of all the wise. O He Kair rescues the drowning.

O Healer for josuan who seek cure. O Lord of the Rukn and joshan kabir Maqam. O Best of creators. O He, Whose attributes do not joshan kabir. O Everliving, Who has not inherited life from any living being. O Affectionate, O Companion. O First, O Last. O Truthful in promises.

joshan Kabir

O Dispeller of tribulations. O He, for Whom are great signs. O Forgiver, O Concealer [of defects].