Over 25 years ago I developed the first in a series of interventions (Lefkoe Belief Process ®) that eliminates the beliefs that are responsible for most of our. THIS IS PART 2 OF “HOW THE LEFKOE BELIEF PROCESS WORKS. Read Part 1 many years we thought that this was all that was necessary to. 8 Dec This belief, like any other belief, can be easily eliminated using the Lefkoe Belief Process (LBP) and we used the LBP repeatedly in our.

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So here are the basic steps of the process so you can use it in your organization and with friends.

***How the Lefkoe Belief Process Works, Part 2

It seems to work fine for auditory people. Four steps to clearing negativity from the mind Permalink Gallery Four steps proxess clearing negativity from the mind. Opportunities that I have been wanting for a long time have come pouring through the door since that “Aha! Raising a Successful College Graduate.

I wish now that I had recognized and articulated this fact earlier. I spoke to Shelly today regarding a limiting belief that did not seem to go away after our session last year or at least came back a short while after.

This means a lot coming from a psychotherapist trained extensively in models of psychotherapy. As a result of doing the LBP we discover that the events and circumstances of our lives, as such, have virtually no effect later in life on our behaviorour attitudes, and our emotions. It gives them a place to enter the conversation and begin to glean a new understanding of themselves and others around them.

NLP distinguishes between the different representational system people use: How do you know that? To purchase DVD programs that we guarantee to eliminate eight of the most common daily problems people face, go to http: This means a lot coming from a psychotherapist trained extensively in models of psychotherapy. Although the client usually can identify the relevant early events in five or ten minutes, at times he spends as much as half an hour recalling various events from his childhood.

I’ve read and considered the concept of creating my own world many many times but this is the first time I’ve actually experienced and felt it at my core. What can’t be done is not a possibility. There were few changes in the LBP because it worked for most people most of the time. At this point I asked the client, did the events that led you to form the belief have a meaning before you gave them a meaning?

I have to tell you that you really broke something open for me when you shared your story about creating obstacles for yourself, because you thought your value was in how hard you could work to overcome those obstacles. The belief will not longer seem like the truth. Read Part 1 first. If it’s not the truth that ” I can’t The distinction you want the client to make is between the events of his childhood, which have no inherent meaning, and the meaning he attributed to the events.

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Four steps to clearing negativity from the mind Permalink Gallery Four steps to clearing negativity from the mind. Can you see that your belief is only a description of the way it was in the past and not the truth about the future? After the client realized that he never really did see his belief in the world, I asked: I often use the search tool to read articles beliec reference to certain topics I’m curious about or am working on in my life. How to achieve stress free lefkof.

Get Rid of the Belief, “I Can’t”

There were several other beliefs and all of them had to be eliminated before the pattern disappeared totally. Thank you so much. They are … brief, reader-friendly language, enough to read on a 10 minute break from work, for instance. Thus the client is never told that his beliefs are irrational or wrong.

My experience with over 13, clients indicates that beliefs rarely are formed based on only one or two events. Practically any topic you might be curious about, Morty has an article chuck full of life-altering information in it.

No matter how well you know Morty and his work, you will learn a TON from it and grow as a person. So I urge you to start reading it, today! I see the value in it for those who have not participated in your work. What do you want to have happen? Beliefs in other areas of life, such as work and society, are formed at the time those areas of life are encountered.

Kay September 18, at 9: The answer will be, yes, which is acknowledging that the belief is no longer the truth.

I am personally very grateful that he continues to write in it his new thoughts procdss techniques.

***How the Lefkoe Belief Process Works, Part 2

Couldn’t your past experience also mean: When we recognize that something we have held as a belief the truth is, in fact, only one of several alternative meanings of what actually occurred a truthwhen we realize that we never saw the belief in the world, and when we realize the events had no meaning until we gave them one, the belief literally disappears. All meaning is in our minds.

View our Table of Contents. Follow me on Twitter at http: To a prosperous and joyous It was a typo. What is it you have to do or can’t do? Thank you for your work once again, this all is amazing.