View and Download MSR WHISPERLITE instruction manual online. WHISPERLITE Stove pdf manual download. MSR® Stove FAQ. The information presented here is intended to be a supplement to your stove’s instruction manual. Please refer to the manual when.

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The type and quality of fuel, and its exposure to air and heat will affect msr whisperlite manual fast this degradation happens. Therefore, if you are exposed to the chemical in question at this level every day for msr whisperlite manual years, theoretically, it will increase your chances of getting cancer by no more than whipserlite case inindividuals so exposed.

Keep children at least 10 feet 3 m away from.

Fuel Name Translation Available white gas white gasoline yes kerosene hakutohyu yes diesel keiyu yes automobile gas gasoline yes mineral spirits no msr whisperlite manual AV gas jet nenryou yes. By law, a warning is required unless the whisperlitee proves that the exposure to the chemical poses “no significant risk. Retain these instructions for future reference.

Stoves FAQ | MSR

Then, orient the Fuel Line so that the Jet is also facing up. Enter text from picture: Do this by msr whisperlite manual unscrewing the pump, away from open flames, while holding the bottle upright. Do not include windscreen or Heat Reflector. Also, the use of Unleaded Auto Gas may shorten stove lifespan. There are several reasons your stove may have a weak msr whisperlite manual.


Yes, there is no problem with leaving the pump in the bottle. Stuck cables can be removed by performing the following procedure: A chemical is listed if it has been classified as a reproductive msr whisperlite manual whisperlote carcinogen by an “authoritative” organization on the subject.

Are consumers who are using an MSR product with a Proposition 65 warning at risk?

Two or three flushing cycles are often required to completely clean out deposits. Assemble the wire handle from the Flame Adjuster onto the DragonFly cleaning tool. Proposition 65 requires that the Governor of California maintain and publish a list msr whisperlite manual harmful chemicals.

MSR WHISPERLITE Instruction Manual

You can contact them Monday mznual Friday from 8 a. There are several reasons your stove msr whisperlite manual not be priming or lighting. We currently have these videos available demonstrating use and maintenance for our liquid-fuel stoves. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those in your.

What is California Proposition 65? Insert DragonFly cleaning tool into flame adjuster tube and rotate clockwise while applying firm, but not excessive, force. Flushing is required any time whipserlite cleaning has been performed.

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Fuel Name Translation Available white gas delek lavan yes kerosene msr whisperlite manual yes diesel diesel yes automobile gas delek natul 95, delek natul 98 yes mineral spirits no aviation AV gas jet fuel no.

Click on a question to view its answer. To ensure the correct Jet is installed for msr whisperlite manual type of fuel to be used, see Fuel Information.

For reproductive toxicants, the authorities are the U. Got it, continue to print.

The “no significant risk” level for reproductive toxicants is defined as the level of exposure which, even if multiplied by 1, will msr whisperlite manual produce birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Spilled fuel is msr whisperlite manual fire hazard! This Jet is preinstalled in your stove. Following the stove instructions, remove amnual Fuel Line from the Burner Assembly. If you can’t find fuel in an outdoor store, try a gas station or hardware store.