17 Jan Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws offer a clear set of For the societies in Brihan Mumbai, insert City Survey Number and. 13 Mar Web based Apartment Accounting software with auto billing. All reports mentioned in Housing Society Bye-laws. Complex Data Management. 24 Jan Under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act , a housing society is Byelaws are the rules that govern a co-operative society and its depending on which district you fall in whether it is Mumbai, Pune or Thane.

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Would like to know whether we both can be a member of the management committee of the society? The duplex flat owner says they will only pay on apportioning system on utilisation basis of services and not on common area. It is regarding election process in my coop hsg society.

Service charges include salary of the office staff, liftmen, watchman, the property taxes, electricity charges, water charges, etc. However, Rule 24 and Bye-law No. Hence the secretary has suggested him to add me his son as an associate member so that I can attend the meetings in his place. Byelaws are the rules that govern a co-operative society and its members and these undergo changes from time to time through amendments whenever the government feels the need for changes.

I paid the maintenance bill excluding Puja advance. For instance, the cash on hand limit under the old byelaws was Rs Also let us know the procedure by which we both can become member of management committee of the society.

What is the statutory Audit of the housing Society?. Can you please let me know if we can ask the society to bear the expenses as it is the main pillar connected to all the flats or we need to just socoety the permission from the society and pay our self.

Housing Society Byelaws & Member Rights – Vakilsearch

But under the new model byelaw number 45 all copoerative has been scrapped and a common charge is levied as per the general body resolution subject mumbaai the condition that it is not above Rs 25, Yes, you have to, but if they infringe on the fundamental rights of a citizen, they can be challenged in a court of law. Is Endorsement on Share Certificate is essential on approval of assosiate membership as a 2nd name.

My brother has gifted his flat to my son before 12 years. Secondly, Can I ask for the defaulters list in the Society. Can socity stop me from selling the flat?

My society rejets my application for this stating that this will look ugly. Thanks and Regards, Charmi.

At the time of flat sale deed in Augservice tax was 2. Registration of society A co-operative society is the perfect fit for a residential building as flat-owners have common needs water connection, watchmen, etc and interests maintenance of common areas, such as the terrace and compound.

They did not intimated to the society. Our builder is soxiety interested in forming the Housing Society while all the flats in our building are sold, similarly there are other two buildings in our compound, flats of which are also sold out. These rules, or byelaws as they are more often called, must conform with the co-operative act or rules in force in that region. Under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Acta housing society is free to adopt its own set of laws that governs its members.

Kindly let me know who am I suppose to get the permeation and the law laww to that. Which are not aggreed have the problem that they have not yet registered their purchase agreement in sub-register office as they have made the agreement in earlies This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Under Byelaw number 62 of the new model byelaws all you need to do is make an application to the society saying that you intend to purchase another flat.

International Business World News. This was done for Mumbai in What coopetative the rate at which the society can charge the owner of a flat non occupancy charges of a flat he has given on rent. Even defaulters have the right to vote.

Housing society byelaws The actions of all co-operative society members, insofar as they affect other members or the building itself, are governed by a set of rules. Vinod Sampat, president, Cooperative Societies Residential Users Association, and a real estate lawyer, explains that any regulation which infringes on the fundamental rights of an individual can be challenged in the court of law.

A flat owner did not live in his flat but his sister is living in his flat without any live license agreement. Can they backdate the previous non occupancy charges to the owner now. Under which provision of Mah.

The Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Society Bye-Laws

Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. Become an expert in Cloud Architecture at Simplilearn. Meanwhile I want to know, whether I socjety sell the flat?

Kumar never think of that as there are too many complications mumgai trimming of trees, first of all you have to approach a local body if in case you are in mumbai then its BMC their garden department will examine the tree and cooperxtive submit a report.

Housing societies that impose additional maintenance charges on the apartment owners who have leased their property are legally allowed to do so under The Societies Act. B L G upta. Simple ways to transfer property to your loved ones. According to Ravi Goenkaadvocate, Goenka Law Associates, there are broad guidelines, or bye-lawsthat every housing society adopts when it is registered.

Should I not have right of 5 votes as I have 5 flats in the apartment complex? Also ADDA does not assume housjng liability for any damage caused mumbbai to action taken or not taken on basis of these documents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Necessary action will be taken who does not follow the rule. For encroachment of common areas by members to be charged at 5 times the monthly maintenance charges for the period of such encroachment. Finding out that the water pump needs repairing or when the sinking fund is to be used is boring.

They secretaries are saying it is for the safety of the society members. The third is a meeting of only the managing committee members. Flat owner of Socitey 09 in our society has carried out internal renewable works in his flat without seeking permission from society.