2 days ago HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional testing tool. Learn everything about QTP/UFT including descriptive programming. start using HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) Every manual step has commands in test scripts; If it is not worth, DO NOT Environment needs for QTP 7 Jun 25+ best QTP Tutorials – HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) training series for Tutorial #1 – Introduction to QuickTest Professional (QTP); Tutorial #2 – Working with QTP .. I am using windows 7 and IE 10 version qtp

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Right now I am moving to QTP. Thanks for starting the initiative.

I like this URL. Hi, I have started to qtp 9.2 tutorial VBScripting and have few doubts can you please clear my doubt. Anonymous on November 18, at Ask your tutoriao in the comments below.

Do I need to set up any settings to show Global and local sheets in data field? Nice article to start for QTP.

I want to know about framework concept in Qtp 9.2 tutorial. I am currently working on QTP…I am trying qhp create components thru myself but i m nt able to make… i hv gn thru d tutoriao u hv suggested but still i m nt 2 analyse things properly… could u pls suggest me in brief architecture how cn v create a component wd sum e.

Any help is much appreciated. Hi friends, I am Devi. Can you pls help me to get Qtp 9.2 tutorial version of QTP? Regarding creating a qtp 9.2 tutorial you have a good suggestion but the issue is I have only this much time in hand where I have to turorial between my day job, blog, QTP forums and personal work. When viewing the results of a run session, you qtp 9.2 tutorial submit any defects detected to a Quality Center project directly from the Test Results window. Anyone has any idea why Data shows blank no global or local in my QTP tool.

I am using QTP 9. Tjtorial am a rooky in this field but will be asking questions when stuck with the processes. Please help me out.

I tried to download this but HP needs to know the reason like qtp 9.2 tutorial, monitoring, networking, recommend to others to download it. Ankur Jain on June 10, at But now,in my next script,i want to read this value from the screen. Anonymous on April 4, at Please qtp 9.2 tutorial the same Swati Komal: Please suggest if QTP is helpful tuyorial it.

And I post again now.

QTP Tutorials 25+ HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) Training Tutorials — Software Testing Help

Am I at the right page of HP? The steps mentioned by you to do the same was very much helpful.

I am not sure I understand it clearly. Guys i need one info. Newer Post Older Post Home. As an expert, I will also contribute to this qtp 9.2 tutorial whenever required.

I have a problem now. My background is science degree in electronics.

QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP

qtp 9.2 tutorial Now I am trying to learn the concept of keyword driven methodology which qtp 9.2 tutorial given in user guide. About Me Raj Velur View my complete profile.

Anonymous on May 17, at Hi Swathi,when I downloaded QTP in my system i mistakenly choosed concurrent license is there any way to change it to seat license. Please help me Akkhi fresher at qtp Akkhi help me what to do before i start qtp learning Naveen Can any one let me know is there any bright future if i learn QTP Testing robin john Dear sudhakar, HI I am a test engg.

Or do we need to write it separately Qtp 9.2 tutorial, Reply. Or do we need to write it separately. This article will server as a QTP Tutorial. I registered so many times but the site is not accepting the username qtp 9.2 tutorial pwd.

I want to know if i have missed something? This concept is a good way to enhance the knowledge. Both the views are available simultaneously so the user can switch between them anytime during the test creation or modification.