19 Nov rman interview and scenario based questions and answer and also rman(backup and What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN? 28 May ASM & RMAN Interview question with Answer: RMAN Interview question with Answer: What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN? 12 Feb Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions (11g new feature), you can perform database duplication without backups by using the network.

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Data Guard provides three distinct modes of data protection to satisfy these varied requirements: RMAN can store backup data in a logical structure called a backup set, which is the smallest unit of an RMAN backup One backup set contains one or more datafiles a section of datafile or archivelogs Backup Rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g Once RMAN backup is completed, you have to perform incomplete recovery and recovered until the last archived redo log. Was this answer useful?

Clusters are groups of ih or more tables physically stores together to share common columns and are often used together. How to generate ASH report and what are the things you will check in the report? What is the advantage of RMAN utility?

Information about RMAN scripts stored in the recovery catalog. What are the new features in Oracle 10g? Good set of questions.

Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions

BOTH indicates that the change is made in memory and in the server parameter file. A logical grouping of backup files — the backup pieces — that are created when you issue an RMAN backup command. May be trying to maintain duplicate like that could get the desired. This is the default protection mode. Determine the appropriate number of standby redo log file groups. Backups, backup sets, and backup rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g 4. Temporary tablespaces are used to manage space for database sort operations and for storing global temporary tables 8 What is the use of password file?

Newer Post Older Post Home. You can also use the checksyntax argument to check the syntax of RMAN commands that are part of a command file. Rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g 19 To provide this level of protection, the redo data needed to recover a transaction must be written to both the online redo log and to at least one standby database before the transaction commits.

Hi Seshu, Thank you very much They should be completely separated by using different volumes, file systems, disk controllers, oarcle RAID devices to hold the two sets of files You can set up FRA for keeping the redundancy set. If the real-time apply feature rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g enabled, log apply services can apply redo data as it is received, without waiting for the current standby redo log file to be archived.

Oracle Database: RMAN Interview Questions

Since catalog database is an optional there is no direct effect of loss of catalog database Create a new catalog database and register the target database with the newly created catalog one All the backup information from the target database current controlfile will be updated to the catalog schema If any backup information which is aged out from the target database then you need to manually catalog those backup pieces RMAN backup: It provides the highest level of data protection that is possible without affecting the performance of a primary database.

The control file, if configured to go to the flash recovery area. With Oracle8, Range partitioning on single column was introduced. A Consistent backup is one in which oraclw files being backed up contain all changes upto the same system change number SCN. RMAN automatically releases the channel at rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g end of the job.

During backups Quetions uses the log file to identify the rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g blocks that must be backed up.

When in backup mode, Oracle will write complete changed blocks to the redo log files. This can be achieved by configuring the database in archivelog mode. All backup information is retained when you take binary control file backup. Got from a link but forgot to add in my oracle notes. Media management layer optional rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g. Will ignore the errors during import and will continue the import. Seshu March 5, at 6: October 26, Reply. Exporting to disk is faster.

During RMAN backup of database, if your destination drive mount point found corrupted, how do you mount the new mount point with the same name as the corrupted mount point in another serverif no catalog database or with catalog db?

Important RMAN Interview Questions and Answers in Oracle

Datafiles contain all the database data. Ans Control file is very important file for the database operation. You might want to increase them.

rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g What does complete RMAN backup consist of? How do you say a backup is Consistent or Quesions, Oracle Terminology? For dev and other environments, it is a weekly twice procedure.

Prior to oracle10g, oracle strongly recommended to takes the full database backup whenever there is incomplete recovery. Hence, we log the entire block image so that during recovery, this rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g is totally rewritten from redo and is consistent with itself atleast. When you are doing hot backup, you may end up with backups of the various datafiles at various time points and different SCNs and you can not open a database without synchronizing the SCN on all data files, so you will have to apply archive logs to make the data current and synchronize the SCNs across the datafiles.

RMAN can not take backup of the pfile, Redo logs, network configuration files, password files, external tables and the wuestions of the Oracle home files Can I have archivelogs and datafile backup in a single backupset?

Seshu December 16, at Scenario B Besides FRA, we have multiplexed 11g files to only one other separate location, so risk of loosing control ane and and fear of not able to do complete recovery is more.

It will be preservedin recovery catalog. Usually the flash recovery area and the main database disks are located in such a way that the probability of both going down at the same time is very slim.