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Forms a hard body texture that is excellent against abrasion and scratch.

Multi-colour Coating – Textures. Mosaic tile, skk paint catalogue ceramic skk paint catalogue, texture surface, concrete, mortar, pre-cast concrete, GRC panel etc. Low VOC Volatile Organic Content and low odour Highly resistant to surface and hairline crack Outstanding resisitance against fungus and algae growth Alkali resistance Excellenct adhesion strength onto substrates Good Weathering durability and washable Due to stable color pigments and resins used, it is highly resistant to ultra-violet rays resulting in excellent color retention.

This need special from the supplier. Special acrylic resin used which has high skk paint catalogue to provide a high density film. An inorganic based cztalogue cementitious co-polymer pigmented pattern floor catalogie wall coating.

Shining Sand

Inhibits growth of fungi and pxint found on substrates. Does not contain asbestos chemical, therefore it does not bring skk paint catalogue effects to human. Excellent gloss and colour retention.

A high quality premium acrylic co-polymer emulsion wall putty of fine, smooth and excellent finish. Storage areas, AHU rooms, walkways, lobby floors, stairways, balconies, corridors, v icinities of industrial, trading and commercial building areas with light mechanical loads.

Floor Coatings – Liquid Floor Hardener. Suitably primed surfaces of concrete calcium skk paint catalogue board, cafalogue board, plaster board etc.

Good adhesion onto previously painted good condition emulsion paint, hence, suitable for repainting skk paint catalogue. Superb resistance towards various contaminations such as alkaline attach, ultra-violet radiation, dirt and dust collection. Excellent resistance to a wide skk paint catalogue of chemicals. Its film provides an excellent resistance against water, alkali and various types of solvents.

Dust proof, reduces floor maintenance. Metal and Wood Coatings. Industrial or commercial laboratories, food factories, manufacturing factories and warehouses. Applicable to interior and exterior. Resists contamination of micro-organism including mould and fungus. Penetrative sealer of wall coating materials for both interior and exterior use.

Suitably primed surfaces of concrete, mortar, masonry, brickwork, PC panel, GRC panel, hard and soft boards etc. High efficiency in application due to its quick drying property. Interior walls of residential houses, condominiums, shops, office, schools, hotel lobbies, etc.

With the use of Cool Tight, skk paint catalogue temperature is reduced, thus reducing air-conditioning expense indirectly. Excellent adhesion strength and crack resistance. Enhances the appearance of skk paint catalogue indoor environment. Excellent flow and leveling for smooth appearance. Share Report Review LiveTalk. Photo Review 1 newly listed Most helpful Oldest First.

Products – SKK Professional Painting Services For Interior & Exterior

For internal and external use. Green Products – Heat Reflective Coating. Superior hiding power Economical and easy to apply Good Aghesive strength onto substrate Fungus ans alkali resistant. CT-Under Roller is a special silicate-inorganic bonding agent helps to build up an excellent adhesive strength which eventually forms a tough coating against external contamination with a relatively strong bonding with the substrate.

Cool tight EL Base: Concrete Protection System – Solvent-based. The former is diatomaceous earth, and the latter is lightweight aggregate which consists of crushed and burnt used bottles.

It is specially formulated to provide protection to new and old building surfaces against fungus growth and alkalinity. Forms a flat and tough film when cured. Excellent adhesive power and remains stable for a skk paint catalogue time. Suitably skk paint catalogue surfaces of concrete, mortar, masonry, asbestos board, skk paint catalogue and hard boards, wood, gypsum plaster boards, etc.

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Serves as the decorative and protective finishing coat for interior wall and ceiling surfaces. Suitably primed surfaces of concrete, mortar, masonry, soft and hard boards, wood, gypsum plaster boards, metal surfaces etc. Master Sealer is an acrylic resin solvent-borne sealer, as skk paint catalogue sealer for wall coating materials or both exterior and interior surfaces. Suitable only for new substrates.

Non-combustible, heat resistant, fire resistant and skk paint catalogue with no emission of poisonous gas when burnt. To create splendid coloured stucco finishes for interior oaint exterior of buildings, such as residential and commercial buildings, country clubs etc.