Star Ocean: The Second Story Shrine – Your source for info on this PlayStation classic. A big thanks to Ian Kelley for strategies and tips for this walkthrough. 4 Feb Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ. Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ Sony PlayStation North American Version Version Welcome to Guides, a special navigation page to direct you to walkthroughs and guides on Star Ocean 2. New players may wish to consult the walkthrough and.

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Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

This walkthrojgh how walkthrouhg you hit an enemy for the full amount of power. She is one of the weaker fighting characters, but if you take the time to gain some levels and Specialties for her, she can become almost as strong. If Celine is not in your party, Celine will already be sitting down here.

Knowledge of the source of living beings and how people came into being. The Atlas Ring is a great accessory, but how do I stop its defense lowering downside?

You can buy star ocean the second story walkthrough types of Dojinshi mangabut they appear to do nothing in the game. I am not just a puppet of the Federation as the son of Admiral Ronixis J. Hocho, Recipe, Mekiki Ocsan Strengths: Star ocean the second story walkthrough, Rena, and Alen all return to Salva.

Daikon no Misoshiru Favorite Instrument: Head back to Salva Mine. Level 35 Final Change: She’s fast and powerful, and Tetanus Wind is a very powerful spell. Refers to a special technique in a specific fighting style. Her attack spells are so secons, and she gets some awesome attack spells early in the game. After you fight Shin, Shin will respect you for your fighting abilities, and say he will meet with you again to fight.

The last room in the cave is empty, but it looks like it wwalkthrough been used fairly recently. But then, the woman perks up again, and says “Oh, you said you did see a three-eyed man!

After going on Leon’s special quest, he wzlkthrough join you, and his new mission will be to find where the Sorcery Globe fell to. Each time you use a Killer Move or spell, this number goes up by one, excluding the spells that don’t increase at all.

Rena says that her mother was very surprised when hearing that she wanted to go along with Claude. Star Ocean was one of the unique games, simply because it was so original for a Star ocean the second story walkthrough Playing Game.

star ocean the second story walkthrough

Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ

When you get to the northeast area of the maze, you will find a dead end. Claude, Rena, and Celine get Ketil to play with the other children.

Ernest says he was exploring the ruins. Claude even attempts to contact the ship from tsory communicator, to no avail. Opera says that Ernest probably broke through here and is probably deeper in the cave. Characters with lower Stamina like Opera or Noel might want to choose other tactics though, star ocean the second story walkthrough it isn’t really neccessary.

She also gets very powerful weapons early in the game, which makes her a form star ocean the second story walkthrough the entire game. Rena then tells Claude to leave her alone for awhile. This is the first dungeon in the game, but it isn’t a long one.

Level 20 Final Change: Ashton continues until the last line of the chant, but then he stops.

Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by A I e x – GameFAQs

As you leave, there will be a boy by the gate that will warn you that if you stray from the road on the way to Salva, you will be attacked by monsters. Bowman is interested in science, especially in nature. Dias was a childhood friend of Stor, and is from Arlia.

Ashton star ocean the second story walkthrough some of the most powerful multi-hitting Killer Move in the game. Bowman has swcond Killer Move that really aren’t very useful, though, so you won’t really use some of his Killer Move in effective combinations. Rena asks about seeing the king, but the women say that audiences won’t be accepted because the king has been boggled down with the tournament.