“Thomas Cleary’s translation of Sun Tzu’s 2,year-old The Art of War makes immediately relevant one of the greatest Chinese classical texts. There’s not a. Thomas Cleary (Translator) How did you first discover Sun Tzu’s Art of War? .. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is said to be the oldest military treatise in the world. As a study of the anatomy of organizations in conflict, The Art of War applies to Translated from a standard collection of commentaries on Sun Tzu’s text by.

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Lastly, my imagination formulated a great picture while listening, and it was due to the narrator. The Art of War is a book which should be used to gain advantage o Twenty-Five Hundred the art of war sun tzu thomas cleary ago, Sun Tzu wrote tue classic book of military strategy based on Chinese hhe and military thought. I’ve got every one of my kids on the payroll, and they each think they’re the only mole I’ve got. I’d say about three quarters the art of war sun tzu thomas cleary the book was commentary and translation quibbles on the text itself, which is really rather brief and kind of pretty in a “this is how you kill a bunch of people” sort of way.

This principle of adaptation is also extended to matters of individual organization and personal self-discipline. So, learning how to avoid a war, and if you have to do it, learning how to carry it out with the fewer loss of human lives of both sides of the conflictalways is a relevant topic.

As a study of the anatomy of organizations in conflict, The Art of War applies to competition and conflict in general, on every level from the art of war sun tzu thomas cleary interpersonal to the international. It is perhaps the most prestigious and influential book of strategy in the world today. For the military sector, information on the disciplines of other orders can be useful, not only for understanding the ethos and operation of those other orders, but also for stimulating improvement in the discipline of one’s own order.

Spies are a most important element in war, because on them depends an army’s ability to move.

The work was written for men in command and leaders of states. Philosophy Military History Business Category: Compiled more than two thousand years ago by a mysterious warrior-philosopher, The Art of War is still perhaps the most prestigious and influential book of strategy clesry the world today, as eagerly studied in Asia by modern politicians and executives as it as been by military leaders since ancient times.

What I really loved is the fact that much of the insights can be used in today’s fiercely competitive corporate scenarios as well. The reason behind my the art of war sun tzu thomas cleary into various books was because I wanted to learn. Giles takes liberties in discussing why certain chapters are included where they are, and I give him credit for taking the time to discuss the Chinese tradition of honor and killing oneself if a soldier committed an error of warfare.

View all 57 comments. I know it’s considered one of the ultimate classics and I had always put it off because it’s short, justifying the procrastination to myself by saying “I can read it in a day it’s no big deal if I start tomorrow. Your Art of War edition is among the best-selling Art of War books of all time.

What do readers other than military leaders take from this? My library Help Advanced Book Search. The training of the warrior’s spirit fosters qualities of character and habits of conduct that can help develop character and effectiveness in all walks of life, personal powers of self-government including vigilance, order, thought, will, discernment, and decision.

I would go even deeper that it doesn’t entirely reflect on physical warfare I listened to The Art of War for a few reasons; 1 It was only a hour long, 2 It was free because I am an Amazon Prime member, the art of war sun tzu thomas cleary It was narrated by Aiden Gillen, also known as The art of war sun tzu thomas cleary Baelish, aka Littlefinger.

Understanding the ground you’re standing on strategically is a paramount concern of Sun Tzu’s treatise on The Art of War. I did, howevermake it all the way through The Art of War. I just support the concept that any per The wise warrior avoids the battle. No eBook available Amazon. I found this especially intriguing in terms of spying and what an honorable Chinese soldier would do when either caught by his enemy or when having failed to deliver information to his superior.

This translation presents the classic from the point of view of its background in the great spiritual tradition of Taoism, the origin of psychology, science, and technology in East Asia and the source of the insights into human nature wqr underlie the art of war sun tzu thomas cleary most revered of handbooks for success.

Frankly, I got tired of my husband quoting this and having no idea what he was talking about. Philosophy Military History Business. If you were Sun Tzu, wouldn’t you want to gather intelligence the same way, too? The Age Skn the age, man is indeed at a loss, except those who have faith and do good works and take to truth and take to patience.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Never make a bet involving death with a Sicilian. These include the the art of war sun tzu thomas cleary of terrain, the season in which to invade, and knowledge of one’s enemy and how to overcome ths deficiencies. View all 21 comments. While it is well known that Japan has for some time been subject to external pressure to change its constitution to permit thomss military action, nonetheless the potential implications of the revival of Japanese militarism have not, for historical reasons, been as carefully considered in the West as in the East.

The Art of War.

The Art of War

It was an alright read but, in general, the book is overrated. I say, if you are going to be a politician in the generally-winning party and you don’t like reading much, The Prince is for you.

If a word is giving you difficulty, you have two options: In history — how many humans have been killed in war, in battle, in organized conflict? Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. References to this book Ethics and Lao-Tzu: Want to Read saving…. You could learn something from it. She’s ruthless, clever, and has the smile of an angel. My work is not connected to any personal, political, or sectarian associations or alliances. To ask other readers questions about The Art of Warplease sign the art of war sun tzu thomas cleary.

Catching up on Cl At Least Know This.