28 Jun Vidur Niti: 4 Decisions that make you an expert in your work! – One of the central characters and the elder half-brother of Dhritrashtra and Pandu. Vidura was an important character of the epic Mahabharata. When time came for a crown prince to be chosen, it was Vidura who brought up the elephant in the. Vidura, a unique character of the Mahabharata, was an erudite scholar of ethics. The book is a collection of his wonderful pretext delivered to Dhritarashtra with.

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Indeed, he that gives false evidence is destined to always find his foes. The king whose counsels are kept close, without doubt, commands success. Applicable only on ATM card, debit card or credit card orders.

They that desire salvation without having acquired the merit attainable by gifts, or that which is attainable by practising the ritual of the Vedas, do not sojourn through life, freed from anger and aversion.

See all free Kindle reading apps. O amiable and timid girl, I will do what you say. These Eight These eight are the immediate indications of a man destined to destruction, viz.

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He that is intelligent should avoid an ignorant person of wicked soul, like a pit whose mouth is covered with grass, for friendship with such a person can never last. A person, however distressed, should never solicit these. Poison slays but one person, and a weapon also but one; wicked counsels, however, destroy an entire kingdom with king and subject. Vidur – Dhritarashtra samvad Talking to a visibly disturbed Dhritrashtra, Vidur said that personality traits of a person play a major role in shaping his life.

O son of Prahlad, I touch your excellent golden seat.

Vidur Niti: 11 Signs of a wise man

She does nitti desire a combination of all the virtues, nor is she pleased with the total absence of all virtues. What thou sayest is charming!

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Men also, O king, are good, indifferent and bad. When the intellect becomes dim and destruction is near, wronglooking like right, firmly strikes to the heart.

Vidur Niti: 4 Decisions that make you an expert in your work!

He too is the worst of men, who is dissatisfied with any good that may come to him from others, who is nitii of his own self, and who drives away from himself all his true friends. Those amongst them that are righteous rescue; while those that are unrighteous sink their brethren.

See all free Kindle reading apps. See all 4 reviews. Even relatives that are destitute of good qualities should be protected. That king is the foremost of rulers, whose ministers know his acts in respect of virtue, profit and desire, only after they are done.

But delivery charges are high. India has four months of rainy season known as the Monsoon. Until some service is asked, the sincerity or otherwise of friends cannot be known. Oh, let not any of those places to thine. He that is possessed of bravery, he that is possessed of learning, and he that nigi how to protect others, – these three are always able to gather flowers of gold from the earth. Good and forgiving men born of high families vidut endued with fiery energy, do not betray vldur outward symptoms of what is within them.

Thy paddy, wheat, gold, animals, and women that are on earth all cannot satiate even one person. Righteousness is the one highest good; and forgiveness is the one supreme peace; knowledge is one supreme contentment; and benevolence, one sole happiness. They, however, that are ever vicur in speaking ill of others, always strive with activity quarrelling with one another and in all matters, calculated to give pain to others.

Vidur Niti: 4 Decisions that make you an expert in your work!

One should protect his wealth in view of the calamities that may overtake him; by his wealth one should protect his wives, and by both his wealth and wives one should protect his own self. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free.

These six should be renounced like a splitting vessel in the sea, nihi. According to Vidur, before achieving success in any work, before preparing it, prepare thoroughly about it and decide to make it successful. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. He, who is the master of riches but not of his senses, certainly loses his riches in consequence of his want of mastery over his senses.

That defect however, should not be taken into consideration, for forgiveness is a great power. He who speaks ill of his own wife. Apprehending future evils, I look back only on my previous guilt. O king, he that has eye upon increase, decrease, and surplus, he that is vidu with the six means and knows also his own self, he whose conduct is always applauded, brings the whole earth under subjection to himself.